Shampoos and conditioners

Sale -25%

Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Maintenance Shampoo

US$ 15.00
US$ 20.00
A therapeutic, keratin-rich shampoo
Sale -19%

Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Maintenance Conditioner

US$ 17.00
US$ 21.00
A therapeutic, keratin-rich conditioner

Invigo Nutri-Enrich Deep Nourishing Shampoo

US$ 19.50
A deeply nourishing shampoo for dry or distressed hair

Lavender Conditioner

US$ 29.50
Helps detangle hair for better manageability

Elements Renewing Shampoo

US$ 52.50
A repairing & renewing shampoo
Derma E

Thickening Conditioner

US$ 11.50
A sulfate-free, ultra-hydrating conditioner for thinning hair
IT'S A 10

Miracle Volumizing Shampoo

US$ 23.00
A lightweight, sulfate-free volumizing shampoo

Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Deep Cleansing Shampoo

US$ 37.50
An efficacious therapeutic keratin shampoo
Sale -20%

Color Infuse Red Conditioner (To Revive Red Hair)

US$ 16.00
US$ 20.00
A reviving conditioner for color treated or natural red hair

Smoothing Conditioner

US$ 38.50
A gentle detangling conditioner

Extra Volume Shampoo (For Fine Hair)

US$ 25.50
A weightless volumizing shampoo

Enviro Smoothing Conditioner

US$ 27.00
A hair smoothing conditioner for frizzy, uncontrollable hair
Sale -4%
Philip Kingsley

No Scent No Colour Gentle Conditioner

US$ 89.00
US$ 93.00
A gentle, nourishing conditioner for sensitive scalps
Sale -7%
Bumble and Bumble

Bb. Seaweed Conditioner (Fine to Medium Hair)

US$ 25.00
US$ 27.00
An ultra-light conditioner for fine to medium hair

Normal Persons Daily Conditioner (Pump)

US$ 29.50
A gentle conditioner especially for normal to oily hair

Bel Air Smoothing Conditioner + Anti-Oxidant Complex

US$ 92.50
A smoothing anti-oxidant conditioner for thick, curly or frizz-prone hair
Molton Brown

Thickening Shampoo with Ginger Extract (Fine Hair)

US$ 37.50
A thickening & revitalizing shampoo for fine hair
Sale -51%

U Luxury Pearl & Honey Conditioner

US$ 20.00
US$ 41.00
A luxurious conditioner for all hair types

Smoothing Shampoo

US$ 38.00
A smoothing & detangling shampoo

Water Works Clarifying Shampoo (Curl Essentials)

US$ 65.50
A clarifying shampoo for curls

Extra Volume Conditioner (For Fine Hair)

US$ 25.50
A weightless, color-safe volumizing conditioner

Derma Purifying System 1 Cleanser Shampoo (Natural Hair, Light Thinning)

US$ 23.00
A purifying shampoo for natural hair with light thinning

Invigo Aqua Pure Purifying Shampoo

US$ 19.50
A deep cleansing shampoo

Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo - # Rich

US$ 44.00
A 94% naturally derived exfoliating shampoo for medium to thick hair, normal to dry scalp

No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

US$ 34.00
A gentle, moisturising shampoo for coloured & damaged hair
Sale -21%

Sensories Full Green Tea and Alfalfa Bodifying Conditioner

US$ 11.00
US$ 14.00
A bodifying concentrated conditioner

Habit Rouge All-Over Shampoo

US$ 33.00
A luxurious moisturizing body wash
Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Special Shampoo (Invigorating Cleanser)

US$ 24.00
An invigorating, subtly scented shampoo
Living Proof

Perfect Hair Day (PHD) Conditioner (For All Hair Types)

US$ 31.00
A revolutionary multi-tasking conditioner

Repair-Me.Wash (Reconstructing Stregthening Shampoo)

US$ 54.00
A repairing & re-constructing shampoo
Living Proof

Perfect Hair Day (PHD) Shampoo (For All Hair Types)

US$ 31.00
A revolutionary multi-tasking shampoo
Sale -13%
Philip Kingsley

Pure Blonde/ Silver Brightening Daily Shampoo

US$ 26.00
US$ 30.00
A vegan-friendly brightening shampoo for dull, brassy blonde & grey hair
Sale -23%

Asia Zen Control Conditioner

US$ 11.50
US$ 15.00
A nutritious conditioner for all hair types
Living Proof

Full Conditioner

US$ 29.50
A thickening conditioner for fine, flat & limp hair
Sale -1%

Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating Low Shampoo (Normal Hair)

US$ 47.50
US$ 48.00
An effective shine-boosting shampoo for normal hair
Sale -4%

Healing ColorCare Silver Brightening Shampoo

US$ 29.50
US$ 31.00
A high-performance, radiance-boosting shampoo

RE:UNITE Shampoo

US$ 30.50
A color-safe, invigorating & re-balancing shampoo

Dr Hair & Scalp Treatment

US$ 31.00
A gentle hair loss treatment shampoo for men & women
Sale -11%
Sebastian Professional

Twisted Elastic Cleanser (For Curls)

US$ 16.00
US$ 18.00
A specialized shampoo for curly hair

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